What Can The Summit College Counseling Do For You?

College admissions can be very stressful; students and parents feel lost and confused. I want to help reduce the stress of this process on the entire family. My goal is to provide one-on-one college counseling services to meet the needs of your child and family. I help students put together a strong application for admission, based on their strengths, to universities that are best suited to meet their needs. I work with students throughout high school to guide them on choosing classes, taking standardized testing, extracurricular activities, and other factors that play a role in college admissions.

I work to discover your child’s academic strengths and interests and help highlight their accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and what makes them unique. My students will tell you that I help them understand their strengths, explore their interests throughout high school, and share their stories in their college applications.

The admissions process is fraught with anxiety and stress as students and parents try to figure out what they need to do to prepare for college admissions and ensure they get into university with the financial aid package they need. Let my expertise and experience help guide your child and family through this process.

Do you need help navigating high school and college admissions? Please reach out to me for a free consultation to learn more about how I work with students and families.



Understanding the Admissions Process

With the ever-changing admissions landscape, you will have an experienced counselor who will guide you through high school and then help you put forth a strong application for admission that tells your unique story.

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One on One Consultation

You will work one on one with an experienced educational consultant who will help you explore your interests and  strengths so that you can put together a cohesive, comprehensive profile of who you are, your values, and what makes you unique in your college applications.

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Finding the Right Fit

With over 3,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., it is important that we find the universities that are the ‘right fit’ for you, a place where you will thrive and begin the next phase of your life.

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Testimonials from Parents and Students
Class of 2022

The Summit College Counseling


American University
Arizona State University
Boston University
Brandeis University
California Lutheran University

Case Western Reserve University
Chapman University
Coe College
Colby College
Colorado State University, Fort Collins

California State Univ, Dominguez Hills
California State Univ, Fullerton
California State Univ, Long Beach
California State Univ, Los Angeles
California State Univ, Northridge
California State Univ, Pomona
California State Univ, San Louis Obispo
California State Univ, San Marcos
Sacramento State University
San Diego State University
San Jose State University

DePaul University
Drexel University
Evergreen State University
Fordham University
George Mason University
Georgia Southern University
Georgia State University
George Washington University
Georgia Institute of Technology

Hofstra University
Indiana University
Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
Loyola Marymount University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Michigan State University
Northeastern University
Northern Arizona University
Oregon State University
Pace University
Pepperdine University
Purdue University
Quinnipiac University

Rice University
Rensselaer Polytechnic University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Santa Clara University
Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)
Southern Methodist University
Syracuse University
Temple University
Tulane University

University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Arizona
University of Connecticut
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Colorado, Denver
University of Denver
University of Georgia
University of Houston
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Kansas
University of La Verne
University of New Mexico

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Maryland

University of Michigan
University of Oregon
University of Pittsburgh
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame
University of San Francisco

University of Southern California
University of Virginia
University of Washington, Seattle
Virginia Tech

Vanderbilt University
Washington State University
Washington University in St. Louis




Strategic Planning and Individualized Attention for Every Student

Let Me Help You On Your College Journey!

Professional Services

You will be working with a trained professional who thoroughly understands the college admissions process.

Individualized Services

I recognize each student is unique, so I will work to help you share your strengths, values and stories in your college applications.

Working with Students

Using my college counseling experience and the skills from my legal background, I will help guide you through high school and the college admissions process.

Parent Experience

I understand what parents go through during the admissions process since I have experienced it with my children. I hope to reduce the stress on your family and keep your child on track.

Providing Individualized Counseling to Every Student

The Summit Premium Plan

This plan covers a student from their freshman through senior year of high school.  It is designed to provide students with individualized counseling sessions throughout high school.

College Essay Writing Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to allow students to brainstorm essay ideas by doing various exercises and land on the an essay they want to draft to as their Common Application Personal Statement.

The Senior Year Plan

This package is for seniors who need assistance with various aspects of the college application process. A very limited number of clients will be taken on in their senior year as clients. 

Supplemental Essay Workshop

Supplemental essays are a critical component of the student’s application to universities. Students will be able to identify how to answer these essays and generate ideas for the prompts.

The Junior-Senior Year Plan

This package covers students from their junior through the end of their senior year and provides one on one consultation to help the student prepare for and complete the college admissions process.

University of California Essays

The goal of this camp is to understand the essay prompts for the University of California system and to help students identify topics they will cover for the prompts they plan to answer.

Freshman or Sophomore Package

This package is for freshman or sophomores who need assistance with choosing courses, extracurricular and summer activities for the coming year.

College Search Package

There are over 3000 colleges and universities in the United States. Finding the ‘right fit’ college/university for a student is one of the most important aspects of the college admissions process.




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