Testimonials Class of 2021


You will benefit tremendously from working with Veena since she is very knowledgeable regarding the college landscape and helps high school students navigate the process without anxiety. Veena is very professional and knowledgeable. She prioritizes the applicant and quickly understands the applicant’s aspirations and provides the tools and resources that are enormously helpful. She is a pleasure to work with!


As a result of working with Veena, I was able to learn a lot about myself and improve my writing. My essays would have been simple but because I was able to work with Veena I wrote really strong essays and ones that stand out.

Veena pushes you above and beyond and never gives up on you. She created a college list that was the best fit for me.


I felt scared and nervous about the college admission process because I didn’t have any relatives who could help me understand what it entailed. Veena helped me understand the college admissions process, what colleges look for in candidates, and in the essays. Veena guided me to write strong essays that allowed colleges to really understand who I am and the college list she created for me met my academic, social, and other relevant needs. I received several offers for admission, including two offers with merit scholarships worth $26,000 and $27,500 per year.


Veena helped me understand the concept of selling myself. My initial drafts were rambling stories in comparison to the honed and informative essays Veena helped me put together in the end. Veena definitely gave me the confidence to apply to the schools I really wanted to attend. I think it’s a good lesson for those who think they don’t need the help of an expert. I couldn’t have done it without Veena. I guarantee you won’t regret working with Veena. Her relentless dedication to helping you achieve your goals is worth any sum of money.


As a small independent charter organization, our resources can sometimes be limited. We had the privilege of working with Veena for our UC PIQ workshop and it was a tremendous help. Her expertise, kindness, and compassion was an amazing resource for our students. She demonstrated a thorough knowledge and understanding of not only how to break down the prompts but providing students with structure and examples for how to improve and write their PIQs. College essays can be intimidating and nerve-wracking for our students, but her help throughout the workshop has alleviated a lot of the stress and empowered students to express themselves through writing. We definitely look forward to working with her in the future!

Ms. Ezra
High School Counselor, Math and Science College Prep, Los Angeles

Veena explained what colleges were within my reach and helped me understand what the colleges provided with respect to majors, internships, clubs, etc. She kept me accountable with deadlines all the way through and always pushed me to do my best. She always left comments to help me not only improve my writing but to get to the point in my essays that showcased who I am. Veena is such a great coach and I am very grateful I was able to meet and work with her!


Veena has helped me put together strong, coherent essays that showcase my stories for each of the colleges on my list. She paid close attention to the brainstorming exercises and always asked me questions to help me pull more details into my essays. As a result, I was able to share different stories about myself where my personality, values, and career goals were clearly enunciated so universities understand why I would be a valuable addition to their campus. She created a college list that met my needs as a veteran (a Proud Marine) and a transfer student. She continuously pushed me to do in-depth research into universities on my list and put together my strongest applications for admission. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Veena during my college admissions journey.


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