What I took away from working with Veena is that she cared a lot about me and my future and she seemed to enjoy her work so much. If you want to be able to have a great navigator who makes you get all your things done in a timely matter and still be able to have fun, then work with Veena.

Student, San Diego State University

Veena was extremely responsive throughout the entire process! She not only helped our son but also helped us, the parents, by relieving us of all of the stress of getting him to write his essays, etc. It was such a burden lifted off of our shoulders. She helped him create a college list and helped him re-write and perfect his essays. Veena has expertise in so many areas of the admissions process and we were so impressed with her knowledge. Our son was in excellent hands.


Veena did a very good job of encouraging me to think outside the box and write personal statements and supplemental essays that were a true reflection of who I was as an individual, rather than like some generic essay that could have been written by any student applying for the university. She knows what she is doing!! She always went above and beyond not just being an advisor for college; she aided me with advice when I had difficulties in some of my extracurricular positions that made it difficult for me to focus on my schoolwork and application process. She was there to listen to me whenever I had something troubling in my personal life, and overall just encouraged me to come out of my shell when exploring schools and opportunities that were completely new to me.

Student, UC Santa Barbara

My son’s results speak for themselves, but I think the most positive outcome is not the schools he was accepted to; rather, the success story is actually the personal growth that occurred for him from the insight he gained through his essays and interviews. I think Veena is unique because she makes an effort to see all aspects of her students and empowers them to share their best with potential universities. How students handle the stress/pressure of admissions and how they learn to prioritize and advocate for themselves is empowering and a skill set they need at university and in life. Many college coaches understand all the data, but fewer take the time to get to know the students well enough to make sure they aren’t just getting accepted but that they are moving into an environment where they can thrive. Veena was simply amazing throughout the process.

Parent, Georgia Tech University

I wanted to help my son with everything but I didn’t know how to start. Veena is very insightful and made us feel so much better. She helped with everything from essays to sorting out financial aid questions once my son received admissions offers. Veena went above and beyond what we expected and guided us throughout the entire college admissions process. My son is so excited about the undergraduate business program he has enrolled in and he has loved working with Veena.


Veena addressed my parent’s concerns about going out of state, and was very responsive to my concerns, even more so than my own teachers. I came to Veena with the first draft of my Personal Statement that I had written but did not like. I loved the new Personal Statement that she helped me brainstorm and edit. She did a really good job at making me get my own thoughts out. She was a great help throughout the process and that made for a much smoother college application experience!

Student, University of Southern California

Ms. Rao and I instantly connected after our first virtual session. I love how she showed interest in my background as a student; this was important to me because it helped me when I was brainstorming and writing my essays. She accommodated my schedule and pushed me to keep writing even when I felt writers’ block. There isn’t anyone more passionate than Ms. Rao about getting students to where they want to be, while simultaneously showing compassion and joy. She will make you feel comfortable and make you feel at ease with the college application process. She will make you feel empowered about telling your story and will help you realize how much potential you have to succeed.

Student, UCLA

Veena helped me understand the college admissions process by helping me create a college list, helping me brainstorm topics to cover in my essays, and helping me track deadlines. She relieved my anxiety because I finally had a clear vision of deadlines and essay expectations. She provided me with a clear and honest view of what to complete and expect. My personal statement was one of my favorite works of writing and reflected my life story perfectly. I learned about my own writing style through this process and even improved as a writer.

Student, Pepperdine University

Veena is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive. She set deadlines for essays and helped our daughter efficiently edit her essays. She put my daughter at ease throughout the process since she was there to answer questions and give feedback. We were happy that Veena took the anxiety and stress of the process away. We would undoubtedly recommend her – we could not have done it without her!


Veena took the task of creating a college list that is normally overwhelming and made it very simple and straightforward. Veena helped me narrow down my choices and ultimately pick the university I am going to attend. I appreciate how helpful and always available she was during the entire process. Veena’s ability to make the entire process of applying to school easy is something I believe everyone could use.


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