Frequently Asked Questions

Clients can start as early as the summer of their 8th grade year. If you need help with choosing subjects for school, guidance on extracurricular activities or summer activities, then start as early as possible. Definitely, be ready to plan for all of the activities you need to undertake during your junior and senior year.

Creating a list of universities and colleges to is challenging since there are over 3,000 to choose from. It is important that students create a list that is best suited to meet their needs. Writing college essays, keeping track of deadlines, seeking letters of recommendation, drafting a resume are a few of the components that students can get guidance for in order to create a strong application.

Know that you are not alone. The Summit will offer essay writing camps during the summer months to help students get started on their essay writing process. Check the Services page for more information.

It is not too late but please understand that only a limited number of clients will be taken on in their senior year. The sooner you contact The Summit, the better your chances of being taken on as a client.

The goal of The Summit is to provide individualized attention and strategic planning for each client. There is a thorough description of all of the services and packages that are provided on the Services page. You can also Contact The Summit for further assistance.

There are a lot of online opportunities and other things that students can do while they are home from school. Please contact me so that I can provide a list of activities that students can pursue if they are ready to do so.

While everything is still up in the air at the moment, a number of universities have indicated that they will temporarily waive their requirement that students submit their SAT and ACT scores. The CollegeBoard and ACT plan to administer standardized tests and have scheduled test dates. I would be happy to discuss what this means for your junior student. Please contact me so that we can discuss this further.

It is best to start working on the essays during the summer of your junior year. It will give you time to brainstorm essay ideas for your personal statement as well as your supplemental essays, and plan topics so that universities understand who you are and what you will bring to a college campus. Starting in the summer will allow you the opportunity to get the final drafts of your personal statement and supplemental essays done before your senior year begins. 

There is a difference between the two tests, so it is best to take a sample test on the websites of the respective tests. I also have a chart that explains the differences between the SAT and the ACT in the Resources section. Which test you take is entirely dependent upon you. Universities do not have a preference about which test you take.

The Summit offers essay writing camps to help students with brainstorming essay ideas and coming up with drafts of their essays. The camps will cover the Personal Statement, Supplemental Essays and the University of California application essays. Veena Rao will also assist students on a one on one basis with essays. She will help students brainstorm ideas, give feedback on drafts and push the students to write their best essays.

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Contact Veena Rao for more information.