The Senior Plan


A very limited number of students will be taken on in their Senior Year. This package is for seniors who need assistance with the college application process. It comes with one on one consulting time in person, through email communications, or via online meetings.

The services include

  • A review of the Student’s academic, extracurricular, and community activities, standardized testing results, data questionnaires prepared by The Summit College Counseling.
  • Guidance on standardized testing, academic subjects, and extracurricular activities for the senior year.
  • A review of the college list that the Student has identified, research on other colleges and universities. Work towards creating a final college list to ensure that we have a list of universities that are the right fit for the student.
  • Training on the college admissions applications process for the Common Application, Coalition Application, and California applications.
  • Information on Financial Aid, merit scholarships, and other scholarship opportunities.
  • Training on drafting the Common Application essay, the Supplemental essays, as well as the UC essays. Help to refine and edit the Personal Statement, the supplemental essays identified by the Student, and the UC PIQs.
  • Guidance on resume writing, getting letters of recommendation, interviews, and providing supplemental materials with the application.

One on One Consulting

You will work one on one with an independent college counselor who will help you navigate the college admissions process.

Understanding the Admissions Process

With the ever changing admissions, you will have an experienced counselor who will guide your student through high school and then help the student put forth a strong application

The Right Fit

With over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States, it is important that we find the universities that are the right fit for each student.

Financial Aid Fundamentals

Given that financial aid is such a big part of the college application process, it is important that families have access to the information they need to make informed choices.


The Summit's Mission

The mission at The Summit is to guide students and parents through all aspects of the college admissions process, help identify universities and colleges that are the right fit for the students and provide individualized guidance to students through high school and the college application process.


For further information about how The Summit can be of assistance,

please contact Veena Rao