The Summit Premium Plan


This plan covers a student from their freshman/sophomore year of high school through their senior year.  It entitles the student to one on one sessions over the four years of high school in person, through email communications, or via online meetings.

  • Ongoing reviews of the Student’s academic, extracurricular, and community activities, standardized testing results, data questionnaires prepared by The Summit College Counseling.
  • Guidance on academic subjects, extracurricular, and community activities during the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.
  • Review and guidance of summer activities, summer coursework, work, internships, and volunteer opportunities throughout high school.
  • Advice on standardized testing (ACT, SAT, AP exams), dates for testing, and test preparation
  • Help to explore the Student’s interests and choices of careers and college/university majors.
  • Preparation and planning for college campus visits and college interviews.
  • Assess the student’s perspectives on college, including majors, academic, social, and other factors to develop an initial college list.
  • Provide relevant information to help student and family plan for college visits, attending college fairs, and interacting with college admissions counselors.
  • Guidance to the family on financial aid fundamentals, scholarships, the FAFSA, and CSS Profile.
  • A review of the preliminary college list that was developed for the Student and work towards creating a final college list to ensure that we have a list of universities that are the right fit for the student.
  • Training on the college admissions applications process for the Common Application, Coalition Application, and California applications.
  • Training on drafting the Common Application essay, the Supplemental essays, as well as the UC essays. Help to refine and edit the Personal Statement, supplemental essays identified by the Student, and the UC PIQs.
  • Guidance on resume writing, getting letters of recommendation, interviews, and providing supplemental materials with the college applications

The Summit Premium Plan will be personalized to meet the needs of your child and family. If you want to learn more, sign up for a free 30 minute consulatation.


Why Choose The Summit College Counseling?

At The Summit College Counseling, my goal is to provide one on one counseling to meet the needs of every student and family. Each child is unique and their story needs to be celebrated and shared with the colleges and universities they apply to. The aim of the counseling process is to discover the student’s academic strengths, highlight their accomplishments and extracurricular activities and create a strong application that will bring to light what they have to offer every college campus.

We will work together to find the “right fit” college/university list for each student, places where they will thrive as they start the next phase of their lives. The goal is to help each child put together their strongest application for admission based on their strengths as it plays out in their high school record to universities that are best suited to meet their needs.

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